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VinoMatch Mission Statement
To create universal sensory communication platforms

VinoMatch Vision
We envision the day where it will be simple for all wine consumers to make wine selections based on their personal taste and flavor preferences. We envision VinoMatch to become a simple but powerful discovery, selection and communication platform for all drinking and loving wine.

VinoMatch Philosophy
It’s a Matter of Taste
Everyone can get in touch with their preferences. There are no rights or wrongs in wine appreciation. We all have different tastes and no single one of them is right. Embrace it and celebrate it. Without it, the world would be incredibly boring. It's in our differences that we find freedom, democracy and personality.  Go ahead … tell us how you like it!

You Matter
At VinoMatch it is all about People.  We cater to wine drinkers, not wine….. Unlike traditional recommendation “expert ranking systems” for wine, we understand taste is a personal matter.  We believe putting YOU first is the stepping stone to long term success.

We K.I.S.S. - Simplicity Matters
We Keep It Simple & Straightforward – We demystify the world of wine.  We explain how a wine tastes in human language…without snobbery...We don’t make you think….. Life is better when everything is Simple, Fun AND Educational, yes it's possible!

Engage Novice, Attract Connoisseurs - Ease of Use Matters
You don't have to be an expert to enjoy something.  Our goal at VinoMatch is not to convert the novice wine drinker into a connoisseur. VinoMatch is for every one, even people who don’t drink wine will find our services useful…

Success Isn't Measured in Profits Alone - Integrity Matters
Integrity in the taste and flavor profile of each wine, and integrity in our recommendations are paramount and will not be compromised by internal goals or bottom line. 

VinoMatch conducts all aspects of business according to the philosophy - The truth is the only thing you can't get caught lying about.

Objectivity and Equality Matters
We allow consumers and winemakers to do the talking based on objective criteria and personal preferences. There are many winemakers with small productions, passionate about the wine they create.  Whether small or big, with or without millions to spend in marketing, each wine will find its preferred audience with ease and simplicity.

Passion Matters
Without passion, it's difficult to achieve great things. Challenges will arise, critics will come, and the only way to successfully pass the storms is to strongly believe in what you do, to be humble and accept not everyone may share your point of view and keep a positive attitude. Passion is a great feeling to have and you will want to cultivate it and share it with as many people as you can.

Creativity Matters
At VinoMatch, we believe there are creative ways to make everything better.  Our commitment to creative improvement of accepted practices is what makes VinoMatch innovative.  Whether it's day to day business practices, our products or new ways to positively interact with our customers/each other - dare to solve it, improve it or create it with creativity.

Enjoy Life!
One glass of wine a day, keep heart attacks away….enjoy life’s simple pleasures…